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Paint Protection film wrapping is a modern and reliable way to protect the car body from chips, scratches, curious animals, caustic reagents, ultraviolet radiation and other negative environmental impacts.
The advanced materials of Paint Protection film are mainly the American brands such as STek, Xpell. The main advantages of these PPF materials are its high density, stretch coefficient, high wear resistance, resistance to temperature extremes and the safety of the adhesive layer for car paintwork.
The high density of the PPF allows you to withstand even coarse gravel flying from vehicles in front and protect awkward drivers who park next to your car.
The cost of applying your car with PPF is almost equal to repainting, but in the case of a film, you will be insured against missing the color of the car, unprofessional painters, possible further corrosion,
loss of your time and unnecessary explanations in the event of a possible sale of the car.



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Headlights and foglights are most vulnerable to the negative effects of the environment. Over time, the varnish on the headlights is scratched and cloudy, chips are formed from gravel flying from under the wheels of other cars, as a result of which the light from the headlights becomes more and more dimmer. Wrapping the headlights with PPF film will avoid all these problems and completely eliminate the need to replace the car's optics. Also, after pasting the headlights with a PPF film, the optics will become less susceptible to contamination, and to clean it, you only need to wipe it with a damp cloth once.

Will be wrapped :

This package involves the complete wrapping of risk areas of the car with PPF film. This solution is optimal for new cars. You get full protection for the parts that are most exposed to negative environmental influences, and are guaranteed to keep the excellent appearance and condition of the paintwork of your car for at least 3 years.

Will be wrapped :

From 2000 AED

This option implies a full wrapping of the body with PPF film of your choice. You get maximum protection for your car's paintwork for at least 3 years. There is no need to apply protective compounds, polishing and painting the body. PPF film is able to withstand even minor accidents and coarse gravel. Minor damage to PPF Film can be repaired thanks to its unique self-tightening formula.

From 7500 AED

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Q&A on Paint Protection Film

What brands of paint protection film do you use?

We work only with proven materials that have proven itself in the market and in which we are 100%
sure. Currently there are 3 brands of polyurethane film: Xpell, STek, SunMax and Flexi Shield, Hexis.

Why You Shouldn't Use Vinyl Stone Chip Protection?

The vinyl film breaks through with fine gravel, rubs extremely quickly, and begins to turn yellow over
time. The main disadvantage of vinyl film is that when it is removed, in most cases, the varnish can be
removed from the car.

Do you install the paint protection film with a folding?

Oh sure! This technology allows you to protect yourself from unskilled cleaners who can beat off the
edges of the film with a high-pressure jet.

What is the service life of polyurethane film?

Depending on the manufacturer of the anti-gravel polyurethane film, a guarantee of 5 to 10 years is

Is it true that polyurethane can self-heal?

Yes it is. The special film layer has the ability to self-heal when exposed to high temperatures. It is
enough to leave the car in the sun or warm up the film with hot water or a hair dryer, and the
anti-gravel film will become new.provided.

5 layers of protection or what is the polyurethane film made of?

Stages of PPF Application

First of all, we carefully wash your car and prepare the work surface. We degrease the parts and process them for further pasting with an PPF film.

The next step, if the parts were subject to wear, we perform a soft polishing with special material. Polishing is necessary to remove micro-scratches and chips on the varnish layer

At the final stage, we wrap the car with an PPF film. It is important to install PPF film in full compliance with the technology to avoid the appearance of adhesive stretch marks and bubbles under the film. When installing the PPF film in our detailing center, we give a guarantee of at least 3 years.