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To make the engine compartment of your car look flawless, we offer an engine detailing wash. What result will you get? We will completely remove all the dirt in the engine compartment, the engine will stop overheating due to the existing pollution, and you will get aesthetic pleasure from the state of the engine compartment of your car.

Moreover, we provide a guarantee that the engine will not be damaged when detailing the engine compartment


250 AED

Time : 3 hours

What is included :

300 AED

Time : 3 hours

What is included :

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Q&A on Car Detailing Washing

Why do an engine wash?

The motor will stop overheating, it will become much easier to maintain. You will get aesthetic pleasure.

How often should the engine be washed?

The motor should be washed once a year. Most often, our customers produce engine compartment detailing in the spring

Is there a guarantee for a detailing engine wash?

We guarantee that after washing the motor nothing will break. Customers do not sign liability waiver forms.

Stages of washing a car engine

At the first stage of the engine detailing wash, we wash the body and carefully treat all the electrics in the engine compartment with a special dielectric gel to prevent damage due to contact with water.

At the second stage, the engine is washed directly with the composition of Koch Multi Star. All hard-to-reach knots are washed out with brushes and tassels. After this stage, all detergent residues are removed.

At the third stage of washing the engine compartment, the engine is treated with a preservative to give an antistatic effect (the engine will become less susceptible to pollution), then all components are blown through with a turbo dryer to remove all moisture, and the body is washed again.