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Paintless Dent Removal (PDR)

Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) technology originated at automakers’ factories, where defects in already finished cars were eliminated. Nowadays, the technology of repairing dents without painting has changed a lot: a new tool has appeared, the paintwork has become more elastic, the metal has become softer. At the moment, we perform straightening of dents on the car body of any complexity, and, most importantly, we give a lifetime guarantee for our work. The average turnaround time is around 30-60 minutes which you can spend in our waiting area watching the process of removing dents from your car body. We use modern technologies and offer effective solutions for paintless dent repair in each case. We use exclusively American-made consumables, and we also provide a lifetime warranty on our work.



For an online cost estimate for paintless dent repair (PDR), please fill out the form and attach some photos of the dent, if possible, record a video and click the "Calculate Cost" button. For your convenience, you can send photos to us via WhatsApp. Our manager will contact you within 30 minutes, give a full consultation and orient you at the price of dent removal

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Q&A on Paintless Dent Removal (PDR)

How long does a paintless dent repair take?

It all depends on the complexity. Usually repair of 1 dent takes no more than 40 minutes.

Is there a warranty for dent repair?

Oh sure. After the repair of dents, a perpetual warranty card for the work performed is provided without fail.and is in high demand.

What dents can be repaired?
90% of all dents on any car. According to the technology of removing dents without painting, it is impossible to repair only parts with a violation of the integrity of the paint layer or those that have undergone severe stretching.
What to do if a dent has formed on a part with an anti-gravel film?

In most cases, the anti-gravel film is not removed. The film is removed only if the dent cannot be repaired without the use of adhesive. This moment is negotiated in advance before the start of repair work.

The dent was formed on a plastic element of a body.

These dents are removed by heating the element and exposing it from the inside. Yes, in most cases we carry out repairs of this kind

Stages of PPF Application

Before performing work on removing dents, the part is prepared: cleaning is carried out with synthetic clay, in some cases, the anti-gravel film installed on the damaged part is dismantled, the repair area is degreased, reinforcing work is performed.

The second stage is the direct repair of the dent using PDR technology. The dent is removed without a trace by acting on it with hooks and other specialized tools. At this stage, the geometry of the damaged area is completely restored.

At the final stage, restoration and polishing of the damaged part is performed, an anti-gravel film is installed if it was dismantled. Polishing allows you to mask existing scratches and completely remove micro-scratches that appeared as a result of removing dents without painting